Sunday, April 5, 2015


ok - so . . . I don't like the new Donruss base cards. We know this, we speak of them often...

However, I love a great deal on new cards, and I love to bust open packs!

When I saw these on eBay and did the math ( 120 cards, $17, free shipping ) , I couldn't pass up the chance to find some cool cards.

I would love it if Panini would release Studio as a separate set again... but I guess they wouldn't be able to sell all those base cards any other way.

Kennys Vargas Rated Rookie, so that means I'm a happy guy.

I plan on keeping the Diamond Kings and the Studio cards (Probably would have cost me more than $17 just to buy those as singles, the way those are priced at the shows I've been to), but if you want to add some more Donruss to your life, let me know! I've got a decent stack of base cards, too.


  1. I miss Studio as well. I'm surprised Panini is using so many old issues as inserts or subsets in their Donruss products.

    1. Studio just makes so much sense for Panini to use, since they don't have the team logos.
      One thing I will say- if these cards had logos on them, I would have bought even more than I did. The Donruss brand in general is at least trying to keep up with Topps, so I appreciate that.