Friday, April 3, 2015

Johnny on the Spot

 That's all you really need to know - John from Johnny's Trading Spot provided this flat rate box chock full of cards. And . . . Discs? The position players have numbers on the outside of the discs, I'm guessing this was for a game of some kind? Pretty cool and it features The Rat, Sweet Music, Hometown Hero Kent Hrbek, and the original "Fear the Beard" - Jeff Reardon (original to me, please no angry telegrams from Alexander Cartwright fans). In the middle are three team bags to cover the Group Trade from awhile back, let's bust those open . . .

A tiny kent hrbek!

These are pretty cool - Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars, the 1985 Glossy Send-in National League All-Stars hanging out in the Metrodome.  The bottom row features some awesome 1990s and early 2000s cards.
 A couple of relatively underrated stars - I think if Chavez could have been a bit healthier, he'd have ended up with career numbers similar to Adrian Beltre or Chipper Jones. Bottom row starts a run of guys at the bat rack.
 Is it just me or does Raul Mondesi look like he went into witness protection? I didn't recognize him (bottom left)
 Neon Deion kicks up a small dust storm, and I really dig the raised surface of the Ovation set - I might have to go out and get some more of those...
 My first Donruss Preferred card!  My first Topps HD!
 Lots of sunglasses cards for that mini collection - which is totally blowing up. I might have to switch it up to sunglasses only on cards before 1980 and eye black for cards after that...
The photo really doesn't do justice to how shiny that Kevin Young card is - it's practically a mirror. I really like the design on the Donruss 2005 cards... it reminds me a little of 1961 Topps.

Once again Johnny hits one out of the park and delivers a huge mountain of cardboard - just a ton of great stuff and all these photos just barely scratch the surface. Thanks again!


  1. Happy to build that SunGlasses collection. A year ago I had about 1000 eye black cards set aside, but I put them back into the trade boxes by teams. Otherwise, you'd be in trouble there too. lol

    1. Haha - yes John, you've forced me to buy more card supplies (binders, sheets, longboxes) than any other blogger so far!