Friday, January 1, 2021

Good Riddance 2020, Hello 2021!

 Happy New Year Everyone!

This time last year I posted a good bye to 2019, reviewing my collecting goals, and looking ahead to 2020.

My goal from 2019 to organize my collection only got worse in 2020, things are way out of hand, I may need to hire an intern to help me sort and catalog everything.

My "At the bat rack" mini-collection has continued to grow, and more pages from the "Frankenset" will be posted in 2021.

The "Call Me, Maybe" mini collection I started in earnest in 2020 did not grow very much. 

The 1959 Topps Set build nearly stopped entirely. Sure, I could have just bought all the singles online, but how is that any fun? In hindsight, with the Project 2020 hype and his untimely passing spiking demand, I should have purchased the Bob Gibson rookie last year.

The "I Love the 80s" and the "Topps All-Star Rookie" posts will come back again in 2021, I still have plenty of material to cover there. 

I only attended 2 card shows in 2020, the last one coming in February. I don't know what the future holds for card shows in MN, selfishly I hope they survive and can rebound in 2021 at some point. I still will hold off from attending until I am vaccinated- I have elderly parents and I'd like to avoid passing anything on to them.

and drumroll . . . I bet you all forgot that I held a contest last January first to guess which 1970s set I was going to start working on. Well, last month I finally took the initiative and bought a 400+ card lot of:

1974 Topps! So, Jim (cards as i see them) and Chris (The Collector), congratulations! You've won by also guessing that I would start a 1974 topps set build. 

As far as actually building that set... well I have no idea what cards I need right now, the 400+ lot is still in the box it shipped in. I will be looking to buy a nice, big binder (or two?) to house the set, and I'll need to get more 9-pocket pages. I haven't started to figure out what I have.

But the good news is that card collecting will continue in 2021. 

Thanks for reading, I owe you all a ton of posts, and a shout out to everyone that has reached out via email and or snail mail with cards and notes. This year can be better if we make it better!