Collecting Goals

Player Collections:

Minnie Miñoso

Elmer Valo

Wayne Terwilliger

The Alous (Felipe, Matty, Jesus, and sometimes Moises)
Felipe: junk wax era / more recent  manager cards still needed.
Jesus:  '75 Topps mini (and any oddballs)
Matty:  any Crazy oddballs?
All Three Together: 1975 SSPC #42

Kennys Vargas -

*** Looking for all his 2015 Topps Series 1 Parallels. Still Needed:  Factory Set Orange Foil insert and Printing Plates I guess if those are attainable,  Opening Day Black 1/1 (yeah right) and Opening Day Printing Plates (4 different 1/1s, yeah right X 4) UPDATE -- Topps Chrome is out - if you find that Superfractor or printing plate 1/1 parallels of Vargas, I'm interested!!! ***

Kirby Puckett

Jim Thome

Rickey Henderson

Manny Ramirez

Kenny Lofton

Pedro Martinez

Satchel Paige

Buck O'Neil

Barry Bonds

Eddie Murray

Larry Walker

Brad Radke

Boof Bonser

LaTroy Hawkins (any team)

Denard Span (any team)


Adrian Beltre

Aristedes Aquino

Willians Astudillo

Saint Paul/Minneapolis/TC Area Natives:

Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor, Joe Mauer, Jack Morris, Pat Neshek, Glen Perkins, Kent Hrbek, Chick Gandil, Walt Moryn, Brad Hand, Josh Johnson, Aaron Sele, Mark Hamburger


Chief Bender, Bullet Joe Bush, Roger Maris, Rip Repulski, Terry Steinbach, Jim Eisenreich, Wes Westrum

Springfield, OH Born players:
Major League baseball:

Brooks Lawrence
Jiggs Donahue 1900-09
Pat Donahue 1908-10
Joe Dunn 1908-09
Adam Eaton (OF) 2012- current (?)
Tyler Green (P) 1993-98
Dick Harley 1905
Dustin Hermanson 1995-06
Jimmy Journell 2003-05
Ray Lucas 1929-34
John Malarkey 1894-1903
Will McEnaney 1974-79
Cotton Minahan 1907
Mike Mitchell 1907-14
Otto Neu 1917
Danny Shay 1901-07
Chappie Snodgrass (!!) 1901
Rick White (P) 1994-07

Braxton Miller WR 2016-17
Jabbar Threats (!!) DE 1997-98
Mike Davis (DB) 1994-95
Joey Howard OT 1989
Ron Burton HB 1960-65
Bob Myers DT 1955
Bob Hanlon HB 1948-49
Jim McDonald B 1938-39
Bob Haas B 1929
Herb Dieter G 1922
Jerry Zeller WB 1921

Butch Carter 1981-86
Jason Collier 2001-05
Wayne Embry 1959-69
Fred Foster 1969-77


Twins Retired Numbers:

Killebrew - 3 , Tony Oliva - 6 , Joe Mauer - 7, Tom Kelly (mgr.) - 10, Kent Hrbek - 14, Bert Blyleven - 28, Rod Carew - 29, Puckett - 34 - (and sure, Jackie Robinson, too - 42)


Minnesota Twins

Minneapolis Millers

Minneapolis Lakers

Cincinnati Reds

General oddities:

Commemorative Patches (example from my collection: 1977 Topps Mike Schmidt has the Liberty Bell Bicentennial patch on his sleeve - not currently looking for Memorial patches honoring a deceased player)

***Vintage*** Players wearing Sunglasses (it's a little too common on modern cards to keep up with)

Players at the bat rack

Non-baseball players playing baseball (example from my collection: 1990 Score Traded Eric Lindros)

Donruss Diamond Kings -  NOTE : I have completed all of the 1980's sets.

Barry Sanders

Kevin Garnett

Jason Williams (the Sacramento Kings point guard that was teammates with Randy Moss)

Allen Iverson

Clyde Drexler

Magic Johnson

Cards that feature someone holding the Stanley Cup.
"Hoth" cards (only ice can be seen in the photo, no fans/boards/net)


  1. drop me an email, jfmjr1 at aol dot com. i need someone who can use my twins cards.

  2. Commemorative patches and bat rack - those are the kinds of oddballs that will stick in my head when I sort cards.

    1. It's all thanks to the 1957 Elmer Valo card that I got into collecting players at the bat rack.
      The patches were more recent- I was reading a book about the 1976 season and there was a section about how they players were all wearing Bicentennial patches or patches for the World's Fair, or patches for the Olympics (Expos).


    1. I do - I will send you an E-mail with a list of the ones I still need from those years - I have doubles and triples of some now, so likewise if you are building Diamond Kings, we might have some for each other...

  4. Hello! I ran across your blog from a link with LIFETIME TOPPS PROJECT. I'm also in MN and collecting Diamond Kings. Do you have a list of the ones you need for the 90s?

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by. I don't have a list right now but I need to make one, I will set that as a goal for this weekend. I will post it above.