Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MLB Official Rules: 2.00 Definition of Terms

 Adam from Infield Fly Rule sent along a bubble mailer stuffed with great stuff! Let's jump right in:
 Felipe looks like he's saying "ALOOOOOOOOU!" Just me? I am just now noticing that the little outlines in the bottom left are the same poses as the photo - I obviously haven't collected enough of that set!
 "Lowell A Star Fish" - Good job, Fleer! Hal Morris is one of those guys that had a really solid career and will always be a fan favorite.
Speaking of Fish (and Fan Favorites) here's Jeff Conine. I miss the Teal unis. . . the 90s were a simpler, neon-ier time!
 I don't know about you all, but I have to say A-Rod is enjoyable as a villain. Not quite Bonds-level Super Villain, but I am starting to enjoy the season he's having this year.
 That's a pretty sweet Big Puma! Nails and Big Mac were on my junk wax want list, but not anymore!
Close it out with a Robi-duo

My wallet card is starting to really feel the burn!

Adam, thanks for the cards! These are great!


  1. 2004 Topps was one of the better ones in recent years. They were going for a bit of an updated 1973 element with the tiny outline of the player. I think the card stock was also a little thicker than usual.

    1. I think I like it! I should catch up on my 1973 collection as well as 2004, I'm a little light on both. Thanks again!