Friday, April 10, 2015

Showing Some Skills - Tony Tees Off

I like cards that showcase what a player does best.

Continuing the series, here's Tony Gwynn showing some skills hitting a baseball:

Practice makes perfect. . .
 You have to be patient
 Wait for your pitch
 Really patient . . .
 Like, you could order a pizza.
 Start your trigger...

 Put it all together . . .
 Follow through. . .
And just like that, you'll win 8 batting titles, go to 15 All-Star Games, and make the Hall Of Fame with over 97% of the vote in your first year of eligibility. 


  1. Some guys were meant to be pictured as hitters. Gwynn is one of them.

    1. I thought I had more of him actually putting the barrel on the ball - that, to me, is the classic Tony Gwynn.

  2. You need to do this with Adrian Beltre when he hits a homerun from his knee like last night.

    1. I'd love to - I'll have to see if I can find some just like that - most of the Beltre cards I have are pretty boring, I think. Or Vlad swinging at a pitch in the opposite batter's box.

  3. I'm really liking this concept, looking forward to more of these!

    1. Thanks! They are a lot of fun to put together, I get to sort through all the Tony Gwynns and Rickey Henderson and so on to make a little narrative.