Saturday, April 11, 2015

Two Card Shows in one Day! PART TWO

The second show I went to today was on the other end of the metro area, so it was about a half hour drive to get over there from the first show. You can see part one HERE

I usually don't pay to buy baseball cards, so I had never been to this show before. But after seeing the different vendors, I think I will be checking it out again. I spent a little more than I was comfortable paying at the first show, so I focused on dime boxes at the second show.
 Some early 80's Topps Stickers!

Not sure why but the other shows I go to rarely have any common cards from 1977 - 1981, so having a bunch for .10 each was awesome!
 Quintessential 1970's looks
 I'm thinking about starting a "No, the other guy" binder for guys like Mike Tyson, Bob Gibson, Randy Johnson, etc. etc.
Don't know why, but the Mets' pitchers had great deliveries on 1981 Topps cards.

Another dime box was full of oddballs:
 Who needs Topps Heritage?
 I think there's never been a bad time to buy Dave Winfield Rookies.
 Pete Rose, why? Why did you grow a beard?
This is a great card - you've all been holding out on me! No one told me about this one.

I did find one great deal on a vintage card:

Can't beat Stan the Man! The 1962 set is growing on me. If you just pick out a few of the better cards in the set, the design works really well.

I didn't get Reggie Jackson's Autograph (he was signing at the show), but I did get to see Tony Oliva again! He was getting a coke from the vending machine. He wasn't signing today, but just was hanging out.


  1. i grabbed some of those stickers from that dime box, too. i didn't see any of the bbcard magazine cards, though. i also didn't see tony o, but did see orlando cepeda sitting in the lobby as i left. sorry to have missed you...

    1. The magazine cards were on the other side of the show at a different vendor's table- I also *may* have pulled all the ones from that box that I could find. . .

  2. Replies
    1. I thought it was a steal! Looking a little closer, there's stain all along the right edge on the back, and on the front the bottom left has a little gouge in it... but the colors are great (especially for 62s), and the card is otherwise sharp. Perfect for my collection, I don't get too concerned on condition.

  3. That Musial is outstanding. I'm also heading to a card show tomorrow, but I doubt I'll find anything a fraction as good as that one.