Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trading Up North

Friends. Unless you've been under a rock for the last couple weeks, you may have noticed that I've been under a rock for the last couple weeks. Crazy work and home schedules have kept me from blogging again. Keeping up has been tough, but I didn't want to delay any longer in acknowledging the great trade package from Sportscards from the Dollar Store!

Take a look at this sweet 1975 O-Pee-Chee! Roof may seem a little off-center, but the card is otherwise pack fresh. Underwhelming at the plate, Roof was tremendous behind it. Most of his career was spent as a backup, though he was the number one catcher for the Brewers in 1970.  Phil became a manager after his playing days, spending over a decade with the Twins' triple A Affiliates, finishing with over 1,000 wins.

More minor league greatness! The Twins have a good problem on their hands in the minors, as several young arms are making their case to join the big league club, despite a bit of a logjam already at the top once Ervin Santana returns.

Even more Twins from all over the map. I read recently that Topps renewed its exclusive license with MLB, so there will be a tougher road for start ups like Honus Bonus, but I hope the non-Topps card companies don't give up.

Norm Green gave up on the State of Hockey and moved the North Stars to Dallas, and I'm still "not mad" about it. The Minnesota Wild were better this past season than they've been in a while, so there's hope for the future. And who doesn't love a name like Nino Niederreiter?

Douglas sent some hits, too! Tyler Duffey is in that mix with several other pitchers at AAA trying to make a case for a big league job. He might be there now if the Twins hadn't invested in so many free agent arms this winter.

Max Murphy was a 9th Round selection by the Twins, and was Player of the Year in Low-A Elizabethton. He made yearly promotions, but was injured in late 2016. This spring he signed up with the independent Northern League Saint Paul Saints, staying close to his home of Robbinsdale.

Maxx Williams is another Minnesota native, son of New York Giants' Center Brian Williams (member of the Super Bowl XXV champs). His grandfather was a Quarterback at Notre Dame.

Maxx was also sidelined by injury in 2016, and found himself fighting for a spot on the Ravens' roster in 2017. He will again be in a battle this season, as Baltimore drafted another TE high in the draft.

Thanks for the cards, Douglas!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

NOW More Convenient Than Ever

Topps NOW can be funny sometimes - I can't say I had any specific rooting interest in any team or player involved in this card, but sometimes the silliest things can be the most appealing to me. Let's check the video:

Kind of a bummer that Topps didn't use a shot with McHugh actually riding in the cart, but it's the thought that counts.

To me, this is a better use of Topps NOW than every single game winner, and every Yankee HR milestone ending in a 5 or a 0 . . . (I have to believe even Yankees fans are exhausted by that) . . .  It's a moment on the field that you don't see every day, and that is something I can support.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Redemption Song

Hey, remember back in November when I posted about the blaster of Topps Chrome Update (aka Topps Baseball Holiday Target Mega Box) I purchased at Target? Here's a reminder of what I found in that blaster:

Well, I went online that day and requested the redemption right away- the card is finally here!

Bask in the gold glory! Not the most legible sig, but I expect that Benintendi is accustomed to trying to fit all the letters of his name onto a small sticker. 

Here's the card back, numbered to just 50. I don't collect Red Sox, but the thrill of getting a big hit is enough for me to want to hang onto this card for at least a little while longer. I have been nearly flat broke for the last few months and my card budget has gone to other things at home, so it was great to add a card this month with money I spent a long time ago. I think ultimately I will be including this card in a blog contest/giveaway, maybe to celebrate a milestone post or something else completely arbitrary.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Hammering Out A COMC Order

Dave Parker is the coolest guy. COMC had their Spring Cleaning sale, and I decided to hop on over to the site and look for some hidden gems.

I had some Action Packed Football cards when I was a kid, but I was totally unaware at the time that there were baseball cards out there too. Clemente is in his Santurce Cangrejeros (Crabs) uniform. He played for the Crabs in 1954, sharing the outfield with Willie Mays for the Puerto Rican Winter League team and Caribbean Series Champions. Joe Morgan and Hank Greenberg fill in the bat rack mini collection contingent.

Like Joe Morgan and/or minor league cards? The card above is from a Durham Bulls Hall of Fame set. Sophie Kurys was the Rickey Henderson of the AAGPBL. Can't have a card of Buck without his best friend Satch.

See what I mean - 1,114 career stolen bases? 201 steals in 113 games?!?!?! Only 98 of her hits that year were singles. That's some serious speed! 

Sometimes I just go for aesthetics - no real rhyme or reason to add these.

Church's Chicken had to compete with Denny's somehow - they decided on Gold Parallels to combat those highfalutin' holograms. Jersey swatches are probably cheaper than they've ever been, even with a low serial number, Joe Mauer's card was super cheap in the sale.

Can't resist vintage for pennies on the dollar!

The big prize? Baby Bart! I noticed that Colon hasn't signed many cards in his career, so I jumped at this one, even though I'm generally not much of an autograph hound.

This autograph is older than Washington Nationals phenom Juan Soto!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Santa Johnny Makes a May Delivery

John from Johnny's Trading Spot sent out a flurry of packages labeled "Christmas in July" and going through these cards was as fun as watching Gardy throw batting practice!

The package was mostly Twins, including a big stack of rookie cards.

There were even a handful of pre-rookie minor league cards as well, including Justin Morneau when he was still a catcher.

Some great 1980's oddballs to meet everyone's needs. Gaetti is sporting a beard, which was not his usual look - maybe this was a playoff beard?

The late 90s and early 2000s cards were greatly appreciated, as I was not actively collecting at the time. Brent Hoard? It's a misnomer as this is now the only card I have of him... I must not be much of a Hoard-er.

2018 was well represented also - Buxton is a parallel.

In addition to Twins, John sent over a brick of Diamond Kings!

There was also a stack of sunglasses and bat rack cards for my mini collections and a handful of player collection guys like Kenny Lofton.

Thanks so much for your generosity John, I've been working on a return package from the last barrage, I'll be looking to add on to it before sending it out now.