Monday, April 13, 2015

Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Now we're talking! Great seat for the Twins' Home Opener. Section 1 , Row 8!

Special Guest Star Wallet Card Kennys Vargas

Along with buddy Billy Jo

Some sights, sounds, and smells from the best day of the year:

 Kamarczuk's! Polish sausages and Brats made from scratch daily at the local Polish deli / bakery.
 Royals coach Don Wakamatsu throwing some B.P.
 Kurt Suzuki before the game.

 Danny Santana with the finger guns.
 Kennys Vargas - he had a couple singles today.
 Lorenzo Cain.
 Trevor Plouffe, moments before hitting a solo Home Run.
Now if the Twins can just win a few games... This was a very hard game to watch.


  1. Glad you were able to go to the game. Just the wrong time to be playing the Royals. They are clicking on all cylinders.

    1. It didn't help that the Twins played like the Keystone Cops defensively. I feel pretty bad for Trevor May, he pitched very well for the first five innings, but the frustrations of the mistakes behind him seemed to get into his head and things went rapidly downhill from there. The bullpen was beyond awful.
      The Royals looked like defending champs to me in that small one game sample.

    2. The Royals make up for a lot of their deficiencies by playing awesome defense. I think their one downfall will be starting pitching depth, but they are very good.

    3. I was very skeptical coming into the season about Alex Rios and Kendrys Morales replacing Butler and Nori Aoki. The new Royals are both performing a lot better than I thought they would, and while I am still of the opinion they won't be better than Aoki/Butler, they might be a lot closer than I thought.

    4. I was predicting a full fledged wheels coming off season, but it seems like they might be on to something with the way the team is constructed. I just read that Rios broke a bone in his hand, but he is easily replaced with Dyson who probably is a better overall player anyway. I still think the Tigers and Indians staff is better so we'll see how it plays out.

    5. oh - I saw that hit by pitch - it's probably more accurate to say that J.R. Graham broke Rios' hand with a pitch. It was a really unneccesary and costly HBP for the Twins, too. Rios came out of the game the following inning but it seemed like it was a precaution / mercy rule switch, I didn't realize his hand was broken.
      I agree - I think the Tigers have the highest quality pitchers, and Cleveland is probably the most consistently good from 1-5.
      Chicago's rotation 1-3 is also very good, I wonder if their 2014 pick will be added this year, he might be ready soon.

    6. Rondon looks really good. I think the only knock on him is that he is more of a two pitch pitcher right now. The White Sox kind of confuse me. They did a great job adding to their roster, but have Tyler Flowers as their catcher. He is terrible.

  2. looked like a perfect day to go to a baseball game ! I actually saw part of it, but I can't say I saw you in the stands !

    1. Many people in my section left after the sixth inning, I bet I would have been easier to spot then!