Sunday, January 31, 2016

Twinsfest 2016 - the cards

 The Twins hold a mini yard sale within the Twinsfest event, selling items from their archives - This official scorebook from the 1991 World Series was like new.
 1979 Sportcasters - these are really thin and really big- Bert was a couple teams removed from the Twins when this came out, pitching for Pittsburgh. The back even referenced the trade from Texas for Al Oliver.
 Larry Jansen! This one gets me one card closer to finishing 1948 Bowman. No Rizzuto Rookie at the show.
 1964 Topps Giant.
 the back of the Giant Killer.
 Lots of cheap Mauer cards...
 And Puckett cards - though I had most of the cards for sale. There were three vendors selling the 1984 Fleer Update card, but none for the price I was offering to pay.
 My first IP auto - ever. I always feel a little weird about getting these, and I hate lines with a fiery passion. But getting this auto allowed me to do this:
 Getting a Twins Team Set of the 2014 All-Star Game, autographed.
 This was a real treat! Mudcat was having a great conversation with a 6 year old in line in front of me, and had a big laugh. I didn't even know when I came to the show that he would be there, but once I saw that he was signing for just $5, I found a copy of his 1959 Topps card (the only Topps Base card with "Mudcat") and got in line. I had to wait for about 90 minutes to see him, but it was more than worth it.
 Just a couple more fun ones I found for a great deal. Then it was time for some Set Building:

 Can't beat 1956 Topps.
 There was a copy of Mantle available - but I didn't have or want to spend $300 total at the show, let alone on one piece of cardboard. It has some flaws (rounded corners, a tiny speck of paper loss on the back, some light staining on the edges) but it was otherwise a beautiful card. Oh Well, we'll have to see how I do after tax time and after I invest in my house a bit.. Probably not meant to be!
 Here was my favorite of the new 56s - Billy Pierce running out a bunt!
And I couldn't end the post without showing at least one of these 1956 backs.

Technical Difficulties

Arg - I just spent the last hour scanning items, but nothing actually saved. Have to start all over (but I can't figure out why my scanner and my computer are not talking to each other...). Might not have time to scan these in now.

Here's the big win from yesterday, since I can't scan it:
A Kennys Vargas AA Jersey! This was game worn - Vargas was sent down to Chattanooga last year, and crushed the ball (like he has at every level), and struck out a little too much (like he has at every level)
That's a 3XL - he's a big big dude.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Twinsfest 2016

There were long lines for some of the stars, but we waited patiently like good Minnesotans.
Mudcat! 80 years young.
from L-R: Dan Gladden, Cory Provus (Radio Play-by-play), and Jose Berrios. Gladden was sharing stories about playing baseball in Puerto Rico and eating goat for the first time.
A view of the field and the Minneapolis skyline - That Snow is going melt before Opening Day, we hope.
One of three autographs I waited for this morning.
Twinsfest was a great time - I'll share the great finds tomorrow!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gearing up for Twinsfest

I don't that one's got the distance, Dave.
 This weekend is Twinsfest, the annual fundraiser for the Twins Community fund. A Ticket gets you into Target Field, where you can meet players, get autographs, check out card vendors, buy tickets for the upcoming season, take tours of the facility, and more. There's lots of free games for the kids to play, but don't worry - there's just as much or more things to spend money to get.
 I was browsing COMC and decided to add a few things to my cart. I sometimes wish the regular Score Select set was blue, too.
 Lots of Kenny Lofton cards to be found, all ages and points inbetween.
 A cameo by Mr. Eddie Murray.
Why stop at one Kenny when you can have Kennys? Kennyses? I had my eye on that Jackie Robinson Day parallel for quite some time. Was very happy another one popped up at a reasonable price. Sadly, Kennys is not going to be at Twinsfest this year, according to the latest schedule. I am getting worried the Twins are going to cut ties with him before the season is over, especially since the signing of Korean slugger Byung-ho Park. Park was a beast in the KBO, hitting over 100 homers over the last two seasons. He's a DH/1B, at least that's how the Twins will be using him, which means Kennys is a guy without a spot on the depth chart.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Donruss Diamond Kings WANTLIST

I finally got around to making this list - building a collection of Donruss Diamond Kings!

1984: #27 Checklist

1990: #12 Kelly Gruber, #19 Willie Randolph, #23 Ellis Burks

1992(blue backs, says copyright 1991): DK-1 Paul Molitor, DK-3 Joe Carter, DK-19 Hal Morris, DK-22 Randy Johnson, DK-26 Fred McGriff

1993 (green backs, says copyright 1992): DK-2, DK-3, DK-5, DK-7, DK-9, DK-11, DK-13, DK-16, DK-17, DK-19, DK-20, DK-22, DK-23, DK-24, DK-25, DK-26, DK-27, DK-29, DK-30, DK-31 (Checklist) 

1994 (yellow backs, copyright 1993): DK-2, DK-7, DK-9, DK-11, DK-12, DK-13, DK-16, DK-19, DK-20, DK-22, DK-23, DK-26, DK-27, DK-28

1995 (photo backs, copyright 1994): DK-1, DK-2, DK-3, DK-4, DK-5, DK-6, DK-8, DK-9, DK-10, DK-11, DK-12, DK-13, DK-15, DK-16, DK-17, DK-18, DK-19, DK-20, DK-21, DK-22, DK-23, DK-24, DK-25, DK-26, DK-27, DK-28, DK-29 (Checklist)

1996: Need All - DK-1 through DK-31 (checklist)

1997: Need All - DK-1 through DK-10 

1998: Need All but DK-5 (Paul Molitor) - DK-1 through DK-20

1999 and 2000 no Donruss set

2001: (1999 Retroactive set) - Need ALL 1-5, (2000 Retroactive Set) - Need all 1-5, (2001 All-Time DK) Need all 1-10, (2001 Diamond Kings) - Need ALL 1-20, (2001 Rookie Diamond Kings) - Need All 1-5

2002: (2002 All-Time DK) - Need All 1-10, (2002 Diamond King Originals) Need All DK-1 through DK-15, (2002 Diamond Kings Inserts) - Need All DK-1 through DK-20

2003: DK-2 Jeter, DK-3 Adam Dunn, DK-4 Maddux, DK-8 A-Rod, DK-9 Glavine, DK-12 Giambi, DK-13 Sosa, DK-14 Zito, DK-16 Magglio, DK-17 Larry Walker, DK-19 Schilling

2004: (Donruss Diamond King Inserts) DK-1 through DK-25

2005: (Donruss Diamond King Inserts) have DK-2 Vlad Guerrero and DK-6 Magglio. Need ALL Others DK-1 through DK-25

2006 - 2007 no set

2008: (Donruss Threads Diamond Kings) Need ALL DK-1 through DK-58

2009 - 2010 - 2011 no set

2012: (Donruss Elite Extra Edition Diamond Kings) Need ALL DK-1 through DK-20

2013: No Set

2014: Donruss Main Set - 1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25; 204, 208, 209, 212, 215, 216, 218, 219, 220, 222, 224, 225, 226, 228

2015: Donruss Main Set - 5, 8, 11, 16, 19, 27, (all-time DK) - need all #1 - #30


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kenny5 Vargas5 II

As we creep closer to Spring Training and closer to the release of 2016 Topps, there are deals to be had on 2015 cards. For example, I was able to find this gem from Topps Chrome:

 I am still searching for the Topps Clear parallel, but this is supposed to be twice as rare...
The luck of the draw, I guess, seeing this one at the right time to put in a bid and have it hold up. I am pretty sure I missed my chance for the 1/1 Superfractor. There was an eBay auction for it with a starting bid of 299.00 so I didn't try to win it. No one else bid on it the last time I checked, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone emptied their pockets for it.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hitting Paydirt

Sometimes things just fall into your lap - I had just finished writing up all the goals I set for 2016. I figured the best way to catch the big fish would be to set up eBay search alerts for each of the cards I was going for.

I spotted a new listing for just under the price of a blaster, and I pulled the trigger on it.
1955 Topps Double Header #85 / #86
 The scanner cut off the edge, the actual card is centered nicely. I was a little nervous about the condition because the image was a stock photo, but it was about 5 times cheaper than the other listings, and about the right price for other cards in the set in decent condition. The description said VG-EX, I would agree with that grading, so I'm pretty happy!
 This is the first Double Header I've seen in person. It's mostly sturdy, though the perforation in the center has me a little nervous, I will probably keep it in a holder rather than trying to find a special binder page to store it in. I think it is probably supposed to look a little like a ticket to the ballgame, but it's on thicker stock.

I always assumed that the card folded out or something, but Hal Brown just gets half a picture compared to Elmer.

My main target was a Rodeo Meats Elmer Valo card, but this was the backup plan. I spent way less than I thought I would have to to get it.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cardboard is a Mini Splendored Thing

 Julie from A Cracked Bat sent over a Mini Twins Team Set!
 Obligatory Kennys Vargas.
 Some of my personal faves from the 2015 Set.
She even included the special mini insert!

Very cool - thanks Julie! I will be wrangling some beisbol cats to send your way!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pushing the Envelope

 If you're wondering how many cards you can fit in a single plain white envelope, Jeff from Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum is the guy to ask.
 The Kenny Lofton PC gets a boost! The Hammer Team insert is so stupid, I love it!
 This card looks really sharp in person - the scan doesn't really capture it.
 A Quartet of Vikings - no more home playoff games in the cold, the new stadium opens next year.
 Some oddballs - the Revco Puckett is new to me!
Sweeet. A 7-11 Slurpee Disc.

Jeff! Thanks for the jam packed envelope!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Wallet Card - The Big Chill

Hello again!

The last time I had the wallet card out was during a big summer road trip, but Billy Jo Robidoux was riding shotgun all year long.

Let's recap:
Here's the card right before going into my wallet...
and here is that same card after a year in cash country.

It's a new year, so that means a new Wallet Card.
 Let's spice things up a bit, shall we? 1988 Score Chili Davis!
I did not know he was a catcher in high school - Thanks, Score! Oh, the places we'll go!