Monday, April 6, 2015

Checking out COMC

I think the biggest difference between my first years as a collector compared to today is access.

With eBay, Just Commons, Sportlots, and COMC (just to name the biggest ones) there are millions more cards a click away from purchase than when I was a kid.

I had resisted COMC for awhile now, not really sure why. I think what I liked the most about using the site is that it is very easy to sort and browse the inventory on hand. Some of it is mislabeled, but for the volume they are working with, it is very impressive!

I haven't really collected autographs much to this point, so I decided to head over to COMC and pick some low hanging fruit.

I sorted all baseball ; autographed ; lowest price first - -

I found some really cool stuff!

Steve Dunn was one of several guys the Twins tried to bring in to replace Kent Hrbek's production. Twins fans remember him (or don't) along with such luminaries as Scott Stahoviak, David McCarty, Paul Sorrento, etc. I remember him because I bought his Spring Training batting practice jersey at Twinsfest back in 1995. I figure I should have one of his cards since I've been wearing his shirt to games for the last 20 years... 

 Speaking of Kent Hrbek - I am just discovering the Fleer / Sports Illustrated set from 1999. It eventually morphed into Greats of the Game. These weren't autographed, but they were really cool!

Once I saw those base cards, I looked at the autographs from the set.
The only thing I paid more than $2 for:

 How sweet is that?!? First of all, that is an awesome photo, and having it autographed. . . . Just wow. Everything, including a lot more than I scanned, shipped for just 3 bucks!

I think I'll be logging on to COMC again soon.


  1. Love that Aparicio! COMC is a dangerous site, be warned! I've gotten sucked in for hours before I realized what was happening.

    1. I can see that happening to me - I actually had been using the site for awhile just to build want lists - it was easy to sort by year/brand/card # and just find things I want from a particular set.

  2. COMC is a great place to shop, especially if you set a monthly budget for yourself, deposit that amount, and stick to your budget.

    It's worthwhile to shop around, too. I've found great deals on nearly every site including eBay and Listia.

    1. It's funny - I used the site the way that people use big box stores like Best Buy to "window shop" and then actually purchase things more cheaply elsewhere. I would make a list from images found on COMC and then take that list to a card show and find stuff in dimeboxes or cheap vintage.
      Shopping around is essential - I did do a comparison on that Aparicio card, for instance, and COMC had the best deal by a couple bucks even before the deal you get on shipping things together.

  3. Great haul! I love that Buck O'Neil.

  4. The Aparicio card is a great card