Sunday, April 19, 2015

Un coup de pot (A Stroke of Luck)

Kevin from The Card Papoy has been a great trade partner from the very beginning of my blog. We hit a little snag with the old postal services (or perhaps with Customs) on the last delivery. Was it lost? Stuck in some kind of time warp? And then, a stroke of luck!

The latest package from Kevin took exactly one month to make its way to me from France, but it was worth the wait!

 Hoping for Molitor to turn out to be a fine addition to the Managerial ranks, too!
 I wonder if LaTroy Hawkins is the last active player from this Leaf Signature Series Set. This was when he was a promising starting pitching prospect.
 Shiny and Sign-y!
 The Twins' used to do this promotion called the "knothole club" and kids under 14 could get super cheap upper deck General Admission tickets - I saw a ton of games the two summers I was 13 and 14 - my parents let me go without an adult to day games starting that summer.
 The best Free Agent signing in Twins' History?
 Shiny and Sign-y 2!
And the mandatory Biebs.



  1. I think Hawkins and ARod may be the last two active from 96 Leaf Signature. It was an amazing set on so many levels.

    That Molitor is great. Those Donruss Sample cards can be tough to find.

  2. I was especially worried about the Bieber getting there safe, of course !

    1. Of course - it is a first print after all! I'm planning on going to the national convention in Chicago this year, so I'll be sure to bring all those Biebers to get graded and slabbed.