Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This trade post is the Schmidt!

One of the first interesting things I pulled from 2015 Topps was a Chase Utley 1st Home Run Medallion. I saw a post on Schmidt Happened that referenced wanting to find that card, so it was an easy way to start a trade -- Hey! I have that card!

I sent over a package to Richard a few days later, and here's what came back in return:
What could it be?

These were both huge - like Super Topps-sized.

A very fine patch! It pairs nicely with the Metrodome version from the year before.

Some Chrome and Parallel goodness; Kepler was added to the 40-Man this off-season, he might be playing for Twins in the next couple years!
Speaking of prospects, not many of those dual prospect cards feature all MVPs...
I'm totally stealing P-Town Tom's idea to fill the first page of a Team-Focused binder with logo stickers. 

Kevin Slowey was run out of town ostensibly for being too smart for his own good (he used sabermetrics in his Arbitration hearing, and again when trying to keep his starting gig instead of going to the bullpen); Boof Bonser had his name legally changed to "Boof." Both played for the Twins in their last run of great teams, I have a soft spot for both of them.

Thanks very much! These are great. When I come across some great Phillies I will know who to reach out to first!

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