Monday, April 27, 2015

Catching Up With a Trade Post

 Jared from Catching Up With Collecting sent me a message that he had a stack of Twins for me. Easy way to start a trade and within a week we each had cards in hand!
 Josmil is languishing in AAA right now - FREE JOSMIL! He's a great hitter, and his defense can't be that bad (especially compared to the rest of the team...). Let the kid play!
 The Killers.
 Red Sparkly Rod Carew!
 There were a few Rickey Hendersons in the package, too- Rickey approves.
 Here's a Relic Manufactured pin commemorating Rod Carew's ROY award. It's an awesome card!
 A new to me Kirby.
 A parade of Hrbeks!
Close it out with another Catcher, All American Hero Joe Mauer.

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