Thursday, April 2, 2015

Last Weekend's Card Show

I made it out to the LCShow this past weekend and I had a mission to add some cards to a couple of neglected vintage sets, 1962 and 1971 Topps. 

picked up this stack for $12 - "king size coke" in 1962 was probably 12 ounces...

This guy was hiding out in a bargain bin - some rough edges, but only $8 !
A lusty .340 ? Kids got an education in 1962!

Here was the big investment for the day.
Red Shoendienst Rookie! This is one of the big ones left in the 48 Bowman set.
Some gracefully rounded corners and a couple creases means I was able to afford bringing this one home.

I scored big on 1971 as well!
Probably can't tell from the photo, but Reggie's corners were touched up with magic marker, making it a much cheaper card...
The added note on Clemente means a big discount for me.
Moving onto the 90s, I found this guy . . .

and knocked out one more Vargas parallel...
Then stocked up on the future!

I also picked up a mini box of Stadium Club, I'll save that for another day!


  1. You did quite well. Nice haul of vintage. Some of the ads in the background of old cards are the best part.

    1. Absolutely, that Dave Giusti card in particular wasn't one that I was looking for, but I picked it out based on the background ads alone.

  2. Nice bunch of cards. Good luck with the 71 set. I started it in 71 and finished it last year. Only took 43 years

    1. Oh no worries there, I don't plan on completing the '71 or '62 sets. The only sets I want to finish are 1948 Bowman, 1956 Topps, and 1965 O-pee-chee (at least, for now...)

      And congratulations on completing the 71 set - the high numbers can be brutal!

  3. Absolutely a great haul, thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice haul! That '71 Clemente is one of my big time wants. Hopefully I'll find a discounted copy like you did one day.

    1. You will find it! It's waiting in a box somewhere for ya.