Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Page 10 At the Bat Rack Frankenset

Page One

Rules -
9 different players
9 different card sets
9 different teams
player is at the bat rack (or bat pile) in or near the dugout
Have fun (most important)


And the backs . . . 

82 - Travis Fryman 2001 Fleer Ultra
83 - Lou Gehrig 2003 Fleer Greats
84 - Nicky Delmonico 2018 Topps Stadium Club
85 - Honus Wagner 2002 Fleer Fall Classic
86 - Mark Grace 1998 Fleer Legends of Today
87 - Frank Thomas 2018 Donruss
88 - Eddie Mathews 2010 Topps Turkey Red
89 - Juan Rios 1970 Topps
90 - Robin Yount 1992 Topps

Ok - so the big thing here is that the bat racks at Comiskey / Guaranteed Rate Field can be seen from the batter's box. I'm surprised I made it this far before having to "cheat" with one of these White Sox cards like #87 with Frank Thomas. Technically there is a bat rack on the card, it's just not the focus of the card. I'd love for them all to look like #84 and Nicky Delmonico when they are in Comiskey, but for the moment it was as close as I could get. 

Mark Grace has a pretty good card here, but I have to give the crown of my favorite card to the vintage cardboard and Juan Rios. Rios only played in one MLB season, with the expansion Royals. He had a longer minor league career, signed originally by the Mets in 1965. 


  1. I haven't seen that Grace card before. That'll be one I have to seek out for my Cubs collection. :)

  2. There's a Larry Walker bat rack card.. 1993 Topps..

    1. oh it's coming soon - next page in fact!

  3. Voting for Yount.

    Vlad has a bat rack card from his Angels tenure.

    1. I have the 2007 Topps Vlad on Topps, Topps Chrome, and Opening Day, but I think they all have higher numbers, so it will be a while before one makes it to the Frankenset

  4. Rios is probably my favorite of the page as well, but that Grace (featuring a throwback jersey!) is a close second.

  5. The Grace is an interesting card. I went over to COMC to get a closer look at that card, because I had never seen it before. It's kinda cool that Fleer got Hall of Famers (Killebrew, Brock, and B Robinson) to rank Grace on his power, speed, and fielding. I'd love to pick up a complete set and flip through all of the card backs.

    1. Lou Brock was being fairly charitable by giving Grace a 3/5 for speed . . .