Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Rainbow Intensifies

Oh it's getting real now - The ROSIE RAINBOW is in full effect! For Opening Day, we've got base, Red Foil, Purple Foil, Blue Foil, and a printing plate! For Series 2, you can see the base card, the Minnesota Team Set parallel, then Gold, Rainbow Foil, and Gold Rainbow Foil.

The Gold is numbered to /2020 and here are the backs....

These all look pretty much the same, you can see the Team Set card stands out with the different number. 

Page 2 is a work in progress, but a lot of progress has been made! Here we get into the parallels.

Advanced Stats /300, Vintage Stock /99, Black /69.

Mother's Day /50 (missing!!), Photo Variation, Father's Day /50.

Independence Day /76, Camo (Memorial Day?) /25, and Walgreen's Yellow Parallel.

The Advanced stats parallel shows how Eddie has increased his barrels and his exit velocity every year, which explains in part how he had a career high in homers and RBI in 2019.

Last but not least there were these online exclusive 5X7s of the photo variation. The "base" is numbered to /49 and the "Gold" is numbered to /10.  I assume I missed out on a 1/1 in there too. 

So.... what's left? I have yet to see a listing (active or sold) for the Mother's Day Parallel, even though I've seen plenty for other players in Series 2. I know that Eddie was excluded from the "Clear" /10 acetate parallel, which is a mixed blessing. I would have loved to add that to the rainbow, but part of me is relieved I don't have to pay for one! So all it will take to complete the rainbow is to find the Mother's Day parallel (and maybe find another printing plate). 

Topps Chrome has to be coming out eventually, and I bet there will be another round of Topps mini this year and that will have a bunch of parallels, too. 

How are everyone else's rainbows doing? I know gcrl is working on Kiké Hernandez, and Tom is working on a Vogelmonster Rainbow - anyone else?


  1. Impressive! My rainbow is complete by my terms, at least until chrome comes out.

  2. Whoa. Sure glad I'm not chasing any rainbows this year. I mean... I love the Ramon Laureano card and will gladly pick up any affordable parallels that I stumble across, but I won't ever pay more than a couple of bucks for any single outside of a 1 of 1. So there goes my chances of ever completing that rainbow.

    1. The camo cost a little more, but the others were all under $10, most just a buck or two. Even the /10 Gold 5X7 was $9.99. It has been cheaper than I thought it would be for sure!

  3. I haven't seen one Mother's Day of Vogelbach either. That's odd both of us are struggling with that one. I'm also missing the clear. Two have popped up on Ebay, but they went for more than I was willing to pay. Otherwise, my rainbow is about done.
    I'm honestly crossing my fingers Vogey isn't included in topps Chrome. LOL

    1. part of me wonders if Topps printed any for Rosie or Vogey, it would not surprise me to learn that they didn't do the full run.

  4. Those are great!
    I want to get the rainbow for #640 - Revved Up! with Adam Eaton and Howie Kendrick after the home run in the World Series, but I've only seen a couple of the gold one on eBay. I got squat so far. Hope I'm not way too late at this point