Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Page Seven - At the Bat Rack Frankenset

Can anyone stop this train? No! Page Seven of the "At The Bat Rack" Frankenset is here. 

Rules -
9 different players
9 different card sets
9 different teams
player is at the bat rack (or bat pile) in or near the dugout
Have fun (most important)


and the backs . . .

55 - Larry Doby 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic
56 - Ryan Adams 2011 Topps Update
57 - Marquis Grissom 1997 Bowman Chrome
58 - Tony Clark 1997 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Edition
59 - Jon Shave 1993 Bowman (Blank back)
60 - Jerry Hairston 1984 Fleer
61 - Mike Schmidt 1985 Donruss
62 - Vladimir Guerrero 1998 Pinnacle
63 - Alan Ashby 1990 Elite Senior League

Oh yeah, it's getting weird now. 3 hall of famers, a Senior League card, and a blank back. by the way, I would very much prefer the regular 1993 Bowman issue of card #59, so if there are any Rangers or Bowman or Jon Shave superfans out there that want to swap, I will send you the "harder to find" blank back version for the regular one. 

I really like the Mike Schmidt card, it might be a stretch for this frankenset, but I am making up the rules as I go along, so sometimes the player brings their own "bat rack" by carrying around a pile of lumber. I'm nearly done with page eight as well, but it's also fairly lopsided with a particular team, so I might try to find some alternates before posting that one.

Thanks for reading!


  1. The clear winner here is Schmidt. Not a lot of players could have defeated him.

  2. Jon Shave looking at Jerry Hairston angrily wondering what he's smiling at.

  3. I've always like the Adams card. It's part of my bat binder as well.

  4. Replies
    1. ah - thank you. Sometimes I would count myself lucky to have even gotten the Bowman part right...

  5. Replies
    1. They'll probably all be there if it gets that far!

  6. Very cool Doby. I'll be publishing a post that features Doby tomorrow. The hobby could use a few more cards of him.

  7. Stellar page with so much variety. Hard to beat any of the three HOFers, especially Vladdy, but I do love me some Senior League baseball cards!

  8. I still can't believe that you've been able to get this far, seems like gaps would've started occurring after just a couple of pages.

  9. I have no idea who Ryan Adams is, but that's one sweet card.