Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Page 8 - At the Bat Rack Frankenset

Things are rough right now, but maybe this can give you some hope - here we are on page 8 of the bat rack Frankenset, and we're still going strong. If we can do this, we can do anything!

Rules -
9 different players
9 different card sets
9 different teams
player is at the bat rack (or bat pile) in or near the dugout
Have fun (most important)


and the backs . . . 

64- Mickey Mantle 1982 ASA The Mickey Mantle Story
65- Babe Ruth 2011 Gypsy Queen
66- Kevin Orie 1998 Rookie Traded Showcase Series
67- Checklist 1996 Leaf
68- Joe Judge 1992 Conlon Collection
69- Mark McGwire 2014 Topps Archives
70- Phil Rizzuto 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot
71- Al Kaline 1983 Homeplate The Al Kaline Story
72- Willie McCovey 2001 Upper Deck Decade The 70s

This page was even more Yankee-centric before I figured out that the Checklist was a numbered card in the 96 Leaf set. Saved again by Babe Ruth, who seems to be hanging around stacks of bats on the ground, in racks, or carrying lumber wherever he goes. Both the McGwire and Kaline cards stretch the bat rack definition a bit, but I will allow it! McGwire happens to be completely blocking the bats that I assume are in the rack underneath the helmets, and Kaline is standing in an on deck circle with several bats strewn about on the ground. A bat rack deconstructed. 

I think the Mantle card is my favorite on the page, so the other Yankees would probably be the first to get replaced / upgraded for a little more variety with teams. 


  1. Nice McGwire! I'm going to be chasing his cards until I die, now that they started back up including him in every set.

  2. Kevin Orie and Babe Ruth on the same page is the definition of Frankenset.

    1. Yeah, I was going to mention how "One of these things is not like the other" with Orie being the odd one out. So much talent on that page.

  3. The McCovey is so colorful compared to the others. A bat rack checklist is a nice touch.

  4. This is really awesome, I hope you can keep it going!

  5. The more I see Conlon singles pop up on blogs, the more I feel the need to put my set in a binder, so I can appreciate the fantastic photography. Judge gets my vote here.

  6. That checklist sure came in handy!

  7. As a man who loves a nice looking rack, this page is fantastic. If you get up to card number 650 I have a duplicate of the 2017 McCutchen SP photo variant. It's him in the dugout holding 3 bats. It's yours when you get there...