Saturday, May 23, 2020

Taking the Long Road

The last time I added a card to this set build was in January of 2019, and that was because I found a lot on eBay of  4 of the 5 checklists. Since then it's been all quiet on the 1964 Topps Venezuelan front.

I don't really like to build sets by buying them on eBay, it feels a little like cheating. But I decided to spend a little on this set build now since I can't go to card shows or card shops- since I'm limited to online sales anyway, might as well put them to use on this!

These are in pretty typical shape for this set, the cards were printed on less hearty stock, and the photos have a tendency to fade on the front. Not to mention that it's just not the same industry in VZ at it is here to maintain these collections.

I'm now up to 159 cards from the set, which is a little under half. There will be some cards, like Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, etc. that I will likely never find for a reasonable price. Finishing the set will require some kind of savings plan or successful get rich quick scheme...

My scanner chose to pixelate this one, but you can see for the most part these are in good shape for Venezuelan Topps, which were sold with a scrapbook and jar of paste back in '64. Only the Roman Mejias card has signs of being glued into a book previously. Unlike the U.S. release, the trivia answers were revealed in red ink- no need to rub with a coin. The kids of VZ would probably need a translation though, so it wasn't exactly giving the answers away!


  1. I have a bit of Boog collection going, and thought it was looking pretty good, but after seeing this Venezuelan, I now realize that there are going to be some very tough cards of his that'll need to be tracked down at some point... and I'm not looking forward to it!

  2. Did not know about the jar of paste! Explains why I've seen so many without backs.

    1. I mean, I think the paste was technically sold separately, but the whole set up was more like the Panini sticker albums than a traditional pack of gum with cards. I don't actually know if there even was gum with the VZ topps.

  3. Really cool cards, I have exactly zero venezuelans. I might have to rectify that.

  4. A jar of paste? WTF?

    I'd be tempted to store all those with backs facing front. They're glorious.

  5. Nothing like a big pile of dog eared vintage baseball cards. They're like old books or catalogues or something. Not super valuable, but just a nifty part of 20th century Americana.

  6. This is such a cool set build. 159 cards is quite the accomplishment. Can't even begin to imagine how much Mantles sell for... when they actually surface.

  7. Don't have many Topps Venezuelans but I love the few I own so much. That Boog is awesome!