Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Good Reputation

Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown is known for his great custom cards. He sent over a mailer and this awesome  '77 Topps Joan Jett dropped out in the Light of Day like a Cherry Bomb. I don't Hate Myself For Loving You, Joan!

Fun Fact - the Runaways' drummer Sandy West styled herself after Roger Taylor of Queen, and here are two Taylor Rogers

I had the good fortune of getting a "Christmas" (12/25) serial numbered card from an online Arizon Fall League set I ordered from Topps. Since those teams are a combo of MLB teams, I was hoping to pull a Twins prospect but ended up with an Arizona DBack named Seth Beer. Since I knew Gavin collected those 12/25 cards, I was happy to send it his way. I was not expecting to get this in return!

Good Kitty! Nice Kitty! Thanks a bunch, Gavin, this was an awesome card to add to my collection!


  1. Glad you like and thanks again for the trade!

    I should note that Joan Jett was a "reject" from when my printer was misbehaving, so I figured it'd at least make for interesting scratch paper.

  2. Jett played a live show my last year at college. There were only about 100 people watching so I got front row (seats). I've got pictures somewhere...

  3. Jim Kaat for the Hall of Fame. The guy played 25 freaking years! Completely irrelevant batting stat to support my case:
    Kaat: 1,363 plate appearances, 16 homeruns
    Ozzie Smith: 10,778 plate appearances, 28 homeruns

    1. Another great piece of baseball trivia!

  4. Joan Jett is in a weird place for me musically. I don't like many of her songs...but the few I do like, I REALLY like. "Bad Reputation" is fantastic, and "Cherry Bomb" from her Runaways days is one of my favorites from the magnificent '70s punk era.