Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Cards on Cards with Stickers

Kerry from Cards on Cards emailed me to let me know he had some cards to send me in PWE, little did I know there would be stickers, too!

Just in case you thought I only collect Twins, here's Barry Bonds, whose 2001 season could have been the combined production of two identical players. 

Another sticker! And I tried to find these Rosies on TCDB, but I couldn't place them. There's Panini Prizm, Donruss Optic, Donruss Holo... But these are 2019 Donruss Optic Prizms, which I can't seem to find an entry for... I was going to start being really vigilant about logging my cards into TCDB as soon as I acquire them, but I've already fallen behind.

Oh well, whatever they are, they are awesome. Thanks Kerry!


  1. I like Panini's MLB cards, but I won't touch them unless they get a license. Optic looks nice here.

  2. Love that Nishioka sticker!

  3. Rosario could easily be a Yankee here, which is stupid.

    I believe those are listed under 2019 Donruss Optic - Holo and 2019 Donruss Optic - Purple, respectively. Maybe.

  4. Is it me, or are companies putting more effort into designing stickers than traditional cards? The Nishioka looks like a cousin of the 2012 Topps set, and I like the Berrios as much as any 2020 single so far.