Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Trade Post: Cardboard Clubhouse

On Monday a Priority envelope arrived from Adam of Cardboard Clubhouse - we just finished our first trade, and Adam sent over some great stuff!

 Lots of potential here already . . .
 A Topps Archives reprint of the Killer's 1955 Rookie card! Real nice color and sharp!
 Those 4 greats Berra, Bench, Posey, and Mauer combined for 4 Batting Titles - Three for Joe, one for Buster. All Four guys won MVP awards (3 for Berra, 2 for Bench, one each for Mauer and Posey). Of course the biggest number is 10. That's how many times Berra won the World Series as a player.  
 More awesome Twins - Arcia might be back up with the team after the AAA season ends next week...
 Mauer is numbered to 299
 Love seeing Jack Morris in a Twins uni. Adam also filled some junk wax needs...
 That's a great leg kick. Being in an AL city before interleague play, I didn't get to see Dibble pitch in his heyday. I did get to see Gooden a bit later in his career, when he was with the Yankees.
4 guys that made important contributions in 87 and 91 for the Twins- very cool. Allan Anderson gets a little lost in the shuffle but he was a really solid back of the rotation guy in 1991.

Thanks Adam, it was great to trade with you!


  1. You're welcome Brian. Glad you enjoyed the cards! I might have some more junk wax needs for you soon. I'll let you know.

    1. Sweet! I just realized I still have Rangers/Mariners/Giants/Padres 1984 Topps cards to look for. Are you putting together a list of which ones you still need? I can see about sending over what I've got, or I can wait in case you already have some from those teams...

    2. Yeah, let me check my list this weekend and I'll get back to you. Will start organizing the junk wax boxes here soon and let you know what I find.

  2. Juan Berenguer. Wow - talk about a name you hardy ever hear but once you do, you remember it.