Saturday, September 19, 2015

Let's Play Two

The Twins and the Angels are locked in a heated battle today, a double header following last night's rainout.

I had just enough time to catch the smaller card show this a.m. before heading back home to catch game 1.
The card shop that hosts the show had some 2015 Minors Heritage, so I went for a pair of three 2015 releases, trying to get some subject matter for posts later in the week...

Kurt the vintage guy was doing the smaller show one last time today, so I tried to be strategic about what I picked up:

 Got a key card in the Deckle Edge Set
 A couple fun ones from the mid 60's
 One Big Rookie from the 1956 Topps Set

 Why would I go after these two guys?
 Well, because they are from Minneapolis and Saint Paul, of course!
 I was looking for some good luck for this important double header - what better way than to invoke the name of Mr. Cub?
Well loved card but well worth it!


  1. Been looking for a copy of that Petty myself, nice finds!

  2. Awesome 7 cards! The Toy Cannon sure is in an odd posed stance. Not sure I've ever seen one like it. I was wondering if old timers would say that Addison Russell reminded them of Ernie Banks at shortstop. I only remember Ernie after he shifted to first base. Phil Todt had a great game face:

  3. Two of the best shortstops the city of Chicago ever had to offer. I, of course, prefer Mr. Cub, but Aparicio has been a longtime favorite as well. Looks like another solid trip to the card show!

  4. The Aparicio and Banks are very high on my want list ! very nice vintage !

  5. Please tell me you've opened those packs by now

    1. yes - I will have a post for each one on Thurs, Fri, and probably Saturday or Sunday.