Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Trade Plank, I mean Post

Matthew from Bob Walk the Plank is the master of the small mailer with a big impact. This weekend I was the lucky recipient of another salvo from the West Virginian's cannon.

 All Eduardo Escobar has done the last two seasons is made the case that he is the Twins' Shortstop of the present and the future. The Twins tried to give the job to prospect Danny Santana, but he was unable to repeat his success from his rookie season. Escobar played the utility role well while Santana struggled, and now Escobar is back on top. I really pull for Eddie, he came to the Twins in the trade that sent Francisco Liriano to the White Sox several years ago.
 This serial numbered card is psychic. Glen Perkins changed his number to 15 once he became a permanent part of the Twins' roster, so now this card is a uniform number 1/15 'eBay one of one' stunner.
 Neshek incorporated baseball seams and his uniform number into this signature, it's pretty darn cool if you ask me.
 Seeing Neshek introduced at the 2014 All-Star Game in Minneapolis was a great moment. A former Twin and a guy who went to high school the Twin Cities area, Neshek's first all-star appearance was in front of a very friendly crowd.
 We save the best for last - talk about Legend!
Killebrew was a bonus baby,  meaning he basically watched the Senators/Nationals from the bench for several seasons until they finally gave him regular at bats. As expected, his batting average was lower than most guys in the league, but the 42 homers he hit in his first full season was not expected. He'd surpass 40 homers 7 more times on the way to a Hall of Fame career.

Matt, you've done it again! Making quite a statement with just four cards - I hope the return volley heading your way can live up to this! 


  1. Neshek, as a card collector himself, must have realized that adding the stitches to his signature would make his card more desirable. Conspiracy! Definitely a cool flourish though.

    1. It took me a second to realize they were stitches on a baseball. He's not exactly Rembrandt, but yes, I think Neshek had collectors in mind when he made that signature.

    2. He had a card blog somewhere. Been many years though.

  2. Replies
    1. And so consistent! It's instantly recognizable as his signature.

  3. One of these years I'm going to get enough time to package up a ton of commons and inserts for everybody.

    I would love to find a Kirby Puckett auto, but man are they expensive.

    1. yeah, I think they are artificially inflated in price, he signed everything for everyone all the time while he was alive. I could be wrong because I see mostly stuff in the local market, but Puckett Autographs are probably more expensive than anyone else in relation to how long he played and how much stuff he signed. He died at a relatively young age, but there's so much out there that I am often shocked at how much his auto goes for. I suppose it is hard to trust anything Puckett related that is not authenticated, too...