Saturday, September 5, 2015

Breaking Down Some Awesome Cardboard: Part Two

Here's part two of the trade with Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown - in addition to hitting up some serious Player Collection needs, he also sent a ton of cards from my favorite team, the Minnesota Twins.

 A fake rookie of Joe Mauer and a real rookie of Doug Mientkiewicz!
 Some recent draft picks - just have to say it is a huge mistake not having Berrios called up to pitch for the Twins this year.
 Marty Cordova! Takes me back. I think the Twins could have been better in the late 90s if he had been healthy.
 Chrome Stadium Club? News to me, these are pretty slick!
New to me Bowm(e)n
 New to me Prizmz!
 I really like the Australian Flag version of this Lewis Thorpe card. Thorpe should be back in the states to come back from his arm troubles this year.
 These are super Cool. Mauer's career has fit almost perfectly into the "Heritage" Era, so he's probably got cards from almost every design out there.
A little something new and a little something old!
And to close a little tribute to the Baseball Card Breakdown style (admittedly, this is a bit rough)!

Thanks one more time Gavin, for a great first trade!


  1. Boof! What year is that green heritage, very cool.

    1. That's 2006 Bowman - I think it is a regular base card, so the others should be green, too?

  2. Glad you like!

    Jeff, if you're asking about the green Mauer, it's from 2010 Topps National Chicle.

    1. Oh oops yeah I missed the Heritage part - I guess I always assume people wanna know about BOOF

    2. Thanks. Love those I have a few chicle, never seen that design though. BOOOOOOOF

  3. Love the cheap, "Word Art" design of those Cordova cards - they're so very 90's!

    1. It reminds me of the computer design class I took in Middle school - We were so impressed by all the fonts we had to choose from!