Sunday, September 20, 2015

This Trade was a Real Hoot

 Greg (Night Owl Cards) sent over a team bag full of awesome things!
 Super Dave!
 Tiny stamps!
 Hughes pitched two innings of relief last night perfect save for serving up a Phil Hughes special, AKA a monster home run. He's had a rough second season in Minnesota, but that's about right for Phil, great season followed by a clunker. Here's hoping for a strong 2016!
Barry is having a fun retirement (check him out on social media, he's pretty much killing it).

 Early 90's Fleer! I needed all of these.
 The first year of Triple Play had some great junk wax gems.
 If the Twins can figure out how to stop another losing streak, they still might be able to squeak into the wild card. Molitor is probably one of the favorites (along with Joe Maddon) for manager of the year.
The Rat and America's Sweetheart, Kent Hrbek!

Thanks Greg, these were great!


  1. Sure thing! I used to root for Phil Hughes to blow up when he was with the Yankees. He came through many times.