Monday, September 28, 2015

My Twins Frankenset: Page 13

I've seen a few FrankenSets out there - for example John has a Braves set and a Uniform Number Set, Tom has a Cubs set, Nick has the Dime Box FrankenSet, Robert has a serial numbered card set, Night Owl has a night card set. Jeff's got a White Sox FrankenSet. I'm sure there are many others. Tell me about yours in the comments!

I decided this would be a good way to at least start organizing my Twins cards.

My own "rules" for the set are pretty simple -
1. Each card should be a Twins player in a Twins uniform (and exclude multi-team cards)
2. If at all possible, each page should have 9 unique players and 9 unique sets
3. Have Fun (Mandatory)

Here's Page 13:
 and the backs:

109 - Torii Hunter 2007 Fleer Ultra
110 - Paul Molitor 1996 Score Select
111 - Doug Mientkiewicz 2004 Donruss Throwback Threads
112 - Kirby Puckett 1993 Topps Finest
113 - Corey Koskie 1999 EX Skybox
114 - David Ortiz 2002 Upper Deck
115 - Johan Santana 2008 Topps
116 - Tony Oliva / Jay Ward 1964 Topps
117 - Shannon Stewart 2004 Donruss Playoff

Lucky number 13!
Oh, buddy. Some crazy stuff on this page. Did you know that Torii Hunter's MLB debut was a pinch running appearance? Did you know the player he pinch ran for was Paul Molitor? Now Paul Molitor is a "rookie" again, with Torii as the grizzled veteran.
A lot of choices for a favorite card, but I think I'll go with the last one - great shot of Shannon Stewart robbing a homer.


  1. I think I like that Finest Puckett cards. It reeks of the 90's!

    1. I would not have guess that a 90s Topps Finest card would only be the 2nd shiniest card on a Frankenset page, but Koskie's card is crazytown.

  2. My favorite is the Stewart as well...and I just added a copy to my Just Commons cart.

  3. That 64 Twins Rookies is great!

    Also, love the bizarre story you mentioned with Hunter and Molitor.