Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kirby Puckett Oddballs

Oh, Oddball cards. So strange, so fun. Here's a handful of Kirby Puckett oddballs I've collected over the years.

We start with a "bookmark" from the Colla Collection. It's printed on the same stock as most 90s cards, a little glossy but not as stiff as a typical bookmark. With the all black borders, I will definitely not be using this to mark my place in a book. This came in a set of 4 bookmarks with Chuck Knoblauch, Kent Hrbek, and Dave Winfield. You can see the Sox in the dugout behind Kirby, this game took place at Comiskey.

 Thanks to Dan From The Daily Autograph / Keys to the Batter's Box for that Ballstreet oddball. I recently received another copy of that card, so if anyone's in need of one, I have an extra to trade!
 Odd to me that the Tombstone Pizza card has the player's ML Service time on the back of the card. I didn't realize until now that Score helped make these.
 Speaking of food issues, there's a Wonder Bread Oddball. Thanks to Mark Hoyle for the J.J. Nissen card!
 Here are two rookie Oddballs of Kirby, A team issued card on the left, and a 7-11 / Fire Marshal's Association of MN card.
 These two are some of my favorite Puckett cards.
 More oddness with a card issued by the local T.V. station (now the games are only available via cable), and a card issued by the Twins as a game promotion.
A little sad, as Puckett's career came to a premature end due to vision problems. Do you have some favorite oddball brands?


  1. Love those 2 rookies, that JJ Nissen design got stolen by Golden Age

  2. Oddballs are the spice of the card collecting life - my favorite here has to be the one issued by the TV station.

    I never noticed the service time on the back of the tombstone cards either; that's a pretty nifty little quirk!