Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Parcel From P-Town

Some great stuff from Peoria! Tom from Waiting Til Next Year sent over a couple team bags full of Twins.
 Some mid 2000's Twins stars, including current RF/DH Torii Hunter...
This card is very thin and almost translucent - it's very cool!

 Some of the guys that brought the Twins back from the brink of contraction.
 2015 Allen & Ginter!
 Love the TC Bear mascot card - waving the Homer Hankie in the Dome.
 These facts are all lies.
 Awesome! Oddball Price Guide card in the style of 1959 Topps!
 Puckett attended college in Peoria, Illinois at Bradley University.
 Gagne signed this sweet Double Dip!
And the new wonderboy, Miguel Sano! I bet this is either from the New Britain Rock Cats or the Beloit Snappers. He played a bit for each of those teams in 2013.

Thanks very much Tom, these were fantastic!


  1. You are most certainly welcome! The Sano card is pretty sweet. Not that he isn't pretty good already, but I think Miguel is going to be an absolutely masher.

  2. Sano is a beast. If he stays healthy he will be a force. Now if the Twins can develop some pitching. Lineup wise you guys look really good.

    1. Jose Berrios is going to be knocking down the door in Spring Training next year, and current rookie Tyler Duffey has a wicked curve - another year of developing his secondary pitches and he can dominate. Trevor May is doing very well in the bullpen, but he was arguably the Twins' best starter in the first half. I think the big issue for the Twins right now is they spent a lot of money trying to rebuild the rotation and those pieces they added are now all albatross contracts.
      Pelfrey will be a free agent, thankfully, but they will still have Nolasco and Ervin Santana clogging up spots in the rotation. Phil Hughes has regressed this season, who knows which Hughes the Twins will get in 2016. Then there's Tommy Milone, who somehow has made his soft toss "fast"ball work this year, but he's battled some injuries to his shoulder and back, which should concern anyone.
      I think the team is going to be something special next season. Buxton hit his first homer yesterday, by the way...