Thursday, September 17, 2015

From the Diamond to the Gridiron

I really dig the cards of guys playing an unfamiliar sport. There are plenty of cards documenting Michael Jordan's odyssey in the minors, but here are a few NFL stars featured on baseball cards:

Who could it be? What's a Boll Weevil look like?

 Recognize him now?

 I think football was the right choice for Ricky.
You know which John this is, right?

 Yep, that's the guy!

 Good old Topps Archives, nice work!

I won't badger you to guess which Super Bowl winning (and losing) QB this is . . .
It's Russell Wilson!

Just a fun little diversion. There seems to be a little more overlap between MLB and the NFL than the other pro leagues.


  1. These sorts of overlaps have always fascinated me too. Kenny Lofton and Tim Stoddard have basketball cards, Walter Payton has an auto racing card, what a gloriously Topsy turvy world we live in.

    1. For sure! Just yesterday I learned that there's a baseball card of George Halas in the 1978 Grand Slam set. Mark Hoyle told me about it in the comments.

    2. That one got by me! I might have to start a collection of these things they sure would look neat all together in a binder, one for each sport each guy played in.

  2. There's also two-sport underachiever Drew Henson. Though his path started in the baseball card world and then ended on NFL cardboard.

    1. I think I have a Drew Henson baseball card somewhere, but no football cards. I just grabbed what was handy for the post.

      Vic Janowicz and Bo Jackson are the only two people to have played in the MLB and won college football's Heisman Trophy.

      In addition to Deion Sanders, we can't forget Brian Jordan or D.J. Dozier.

      Chad Hutchinson and Josh Booty were both NFL QBs and MLB organizational filler.

      And of course there's super athlete Jim Thorpe...