Friday, October 30, 2015

We Knew It Would Come to This

I have been making up reasons to go to Target every day this week looking for a blaster of Topps Update. I "need" socks. I "need" some aftershave. Where's the Topps Update?

Well, I went online in the mean time and picked up the card I would have most wanted to pull in the blaster anyway. What's that you say? More First Home Run Medallion cards are in Update? One of the players on the checklist is Kennys Vargas?

Shut up and Take My Money!

 Here's the highlight from that game:

 I will leave you with this highlight of Vargas hitting an absolute LASER BEAM. Here's to a more productive 2016 Kennys!


  1. My wife is a full blown Target addict. I try to go in the door not by the card aisle because we're there so much. Sweet pickup I need to get one of these they are sooooo thick

    1. I think there's Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward for Braves. I know Deion Sanders has one too, but as a Yankee.