Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just One Pack of 2012 Panini Prizm (with bonus pack)

 2012 Panini Prizm - I had to look up the year- the backs were confusing. Copyright 2013, stats from the 2012 season, but they also have "2012 Panini Prizm" prominently displayed. On to the cards!
 The Good News: I think I have a home for all of these . . .  in someone else's mailbox.
The Bad News? These cards are ugly and Panini should feel bad. I'll keep the Tommy Milone Rookie, he's a Twin now.

The best news? These were free packs added to an order from Dave and Adam's Card World -- Which means a very special Transatlantic Triple Break is about to begin! I'm joining forces with Matt from Bob Walk the Plank and Kevin from The Card Papoy and we're gonna break some stuff! I'll get Twins, Pirates will walk the plank, and Blue Jays will ... papoy? That's not a verb...


  1. Ohhh! Enjoy the transatlantic triple break. Sounds fancy!

  2. I think PAPOY is a verb, at least an adverb.... Base Prizm cards aren't the most attractive but I enjoy the parallels. Have fun with your threesome!

    1. I have such vivid images in my head, now...thanks Julie !