Thursday, October 1, 2015

Holler at your Hometown Heritage High Numbers

I snapped up some Twins from the Topps Heritage High Numbers set this weekend, check them out!
 Jordan lost his job to Aaron Hicks and that young prospect you may have heard about from time to time.
 Hitting a homer in your first MLB at bat will be a recurring theme..
 3/9ths of the Twins rotation this year... Cobbled together and feelin' fine. Too bad the release will be too soon to get Tyler Duffey a card.
 But there were plenty of other Twins rookies to go around...
 See? Not only his first at bat, but his first pitch seen as a major leaguer went over the fence! If not for this being the year of the rookie, Rosario's 13 Homers, 15 (!!) Triples and decent average would have him consideration for Rookie of the Year, but he might not even be the best rookie on his team . . .
 Fun subset commemorating highlights in the 2015 and 1966 seasons.
 Ah, there was one base card I didn't get, it was the lone Twins short print. But I did score this one:

Sweet. Buxton hit his second homer of his career yesterday afternoon. Between Rosario, Sano, and Buxton I am hoping for a pretty special sophomore season for the trio.


  1. Nice I remember that Schafer homer, kid had so much promise too bad he flamed out. I won an auto from this set on ebay but haven't found any packs or loosies yet.

    Do you have the Kennys SC auto from this year?

    1. Yep, I've got that Kennys auto - I guess there are a couple parallels of the auto I could chase, but I think I will stick with just the base card - he signed for pretty much everything in 2015.
      I think Schafer will get another shot in 2016 (not with the Twins), probably a spring training invite, or someone will get injured.

  2. Talked to some Twins fans at Spring Training this March and they were pretty pumped at the young talent in the organization. Looks like it's coming to fruition

    1. Not a moment too soon! 4 straight 90 loss seasons were making the natives restless.