Friday, October 9, 2015

Let's Get Crackin'

The long national nightmare is over - I'm posting about baseball cards again!

Julie from A Cracked Bat recently moved to the Midwest, and we made our first trade shortly thereafter. I'm going to be moving soon myself, and Julie left a very kind note along with a great stack of cardboard!

 A couple key cogs from the early 2000s Central Champion Twins - both sporting serious Sling Blade underbites, mhmhm . . .
 Some tiny League Leaders!
 Shiny AND Sign-y! Breslow is still bouncing around the league as a lefty with a pulse.
 Love a good pinstripe!

Just gonna say that Joe Mauer is one of the best hitters of his generation, and it has been a real treat to see him play several times a year.

 The hits keep coming!
 When I think Dynasty, I think of Lew Ford.
Ok, so maybe not - but it's a cool idea for a card!

Thanks so much Julie, these are fantastic!


  1. Have you seen the really fancy versions of those Dynasty Foundations cards? Some have all patches.

    Great stuff from Julie. I'm sure she gave some good moving advice. Are you staying in the same area or switching cities?

    1. A Lew Ford jersey patch? Now that's something to build a dynasty upon! I'm being a smartass, I see what they are going for, it was just funny to see the truly Dynastic Killebrew on the card with the modern guys.

      I am staying in Minneapolis - I'm being a little tight lipped about it all because everything is signed and ready to go, but it ain't over til it's over as they say...

      My current address will be good until December 1st for sure, and things can probably go there accidentally for a little while after that. I'll have a post when I move into the new place and I'll put something near the top of the blog reminding folks that I've got a new address.

  2. Nice cards! ...But how can you say anything but great things about a batch of cards that have Tuttle and Tootle?

    Injured? Call the Law Firm of Tuttle, Tootle and Boof!

  3. Ol' Shlabo cracked me up! I'll start a new stack for you Brian. Thanks for your patience and a great trade!

    1. Oh of course! Thank you again for the great package!