Thursday, October 29, 2015

I'm Sorry Mets Fans

Before the Series started, I posted that I was rooting for the Mets. Well, that has backfired on the Metropolitans, who now face an 0-2 deficit heading back to Flushing.

I'm Sorry! I jinxed it. This is what happens when I choose sides. The Royals are good too. So, yeah. I am hoping for seven games because a sweep would be no fun.


  1. I had no rooting interest in the series so I was just hoping for some good entertainment. Game 1 was fantastic, but 2 was kind of a dud. Hopefully the Mets can get something going, but it looks like their offense is lost right now.

  2. and I was blaming myself for the Mets undesirable situation. I wasn't verbal about my hopes for them. well Brian, at least I now know it isn't my fault! ;)

  3. There's something about the Mets I just don't like but I can't put my finger on it. I'm pulling for the Royals just because it'd be nice to see Volquez and Cueto win a World Series Title ... the former future of the Reds rotation, now pitching for the Royals.