Saturday, September 2, 2017

Allen & Ginter & Bubba.

\Matt from Bubba's Banging Batch of Baseball Bits and I made a trade via PWE last week, and my return was some great Allen & Ginter cards from this year's release.

These are all parallels from the base set, of course, which has an all off-white background.

Very happy to add some more Byron Buxton cards to the fold, he's starting to have another big month. The card on the right is the foil parallel.

 A mini-Killer!

Matt did not draw any ire from me with this Willie Eyre signed card.

Thanks again for the trade!


  1. So cool that you posted about Matt tonight, this is the guy I was looking for in my post tonight, THANKS! Love those Ginter X/Black parallels.

  2. Black beauties! That Killer is a NNO parallel... not that it looks any different. :p