Monday, September 25, 2017

A Lifetime Supply

Charlie from Lifetime Topps Project sent over a salvo of junk wax that hit all the corners of my modern wantlists.

Collector's Choice was extremely well-represented, and hey, check out the DH getting some reps on the mound! Steady Eddie only threw right, though he batted lefty and righty. Not a lot of switching hitting pitcher/DH types out there.

Just a tremendous set, the 90s had some really high peaks for all the crazy stuff that came to life in the card world.

There were several Pucketts included, I've got to work my way through my want lists to check these all off.

1996 Score is another set that just seems to get better each time I look at it.

See? I go back and forth on the Kenny Rogers card - it's definitely a bold way to highlight his no-hitter.

This is just a small sample of all the greatness that Charlie sent over, I will be scouring my collection to find some good stuff to send back. Thanks again!