Saturday, August 26, 2017

A 50/50 Proposition

Chris of The Collector blog has a fantastic deal going right now - sign up for a team and you'll get 50 cards of that team for ANY 50 cards from your collection. He collects Red Sox, New Jersey Devils, Green Bay Packers, as well as some specific sets and players. I recommend taking advantage before the deal goes away! 

I know it may be hard to believe, but I took the Twins. Every card shown is new to me! I totally missed out on 1994 Flair. The first time it came out, it was too rich for my blood.

The card backs have awesome full bleed photos.

1997 Topps Finest was released right as I left collecting the first time, so I never bought a pack of these, either/

Filling in some gaps in my collection.

A new to me Mauer!

A new to me Molly! Paul finally got a win against his old team, The Blue Jays, last night. Nice going, coach!

Finally, A new to me Kirby Puckett! I was not expecting to see that. This is Kirby number 412!

Thanks a bunch Chris!


  1. Glad I could fill some holes in your collection..18 out of 50 isn't too bad. I tried adding at least one card of every Twins star since I didnt have a relic or auto to trade. Guess I picked the right Puckett!

    1. I thought it was a really good ratio for a blind trade - better odds than most repacks in terms of cards I need and collect!