Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Honus Bonus PWE

Jim from cards as i see them aka gcrl slapped a stamp on an envelope and shipped it across town to me this week. A welcome addition to my Twins collection was this Jorge Polanco from Series 2

My first taste of Honus Bonus - these cards are high quality - thick cardstock with a glossy finish on the front - halfway between a standard card and heritage would be my guess.

In addition to Mighty Mouse (Escobar) there was Mighty Mauer, who's finally climbing above the .300 mark in hitting - it's a welcome return to form for the former MVP.

Jim also tossed in this Chrome Mauer. Thanks Jim!


  1. Love the Honus Bonus cards - its the kind of oddball presence that's sorely missing from the modern hobby. Sadly, it appears as though they've already gone belly up, as their website has been unceremoniously shut down for a couple months now and their social media went dark. Oh well, I guess.

    1. oh that's a bummer that they've already gone away. I was curious about how their game worked.

  2. Love those Honus Bonus cards also. There was a parallel for all players and some milestone moments cards available for the stars. Nice PWE you got there.