Friday, June 5, 2015

Sorting out . . . The Washington Nationals

Yesterday I covered the Tampa Bay Rays, and today it's the second smallest stack of cards in my collection, the Washington Nationals.

Not to be confused with the Original Washington Nationals / Senators from the 20th Century,

nor the Montreal Expos,

who I consider to be its own team (one that I hope may one day come back like the Cleveland Browns), these Washington Nationals have been around for a shorter period of time than any other MLB team.
That's . . . just confusing.


They haven't had much to celebrate yet, but they have a strong core of young talented players:
Like this guy, for instance. I can't decide if I really like Harper or if I can't stand him...  

There were quite a few horizontal heroes among the Nationals

 I wouldn't mind if they always rocked the stars and stripes logo..

A lot of love for Zimmerman's glove...

 This might be my favorite card of the bunch:

Not much in the way of attractive trade bait for the Nationals in my collection, but Zistle is updated with these guys as well as plenty of base cards...

I'll take a little break from these posts, I'm heading to a card show on Saturday and I'm hoping to have more things to sort after that!


  1. I'm going to start a troll Marlins, Rays and Nats blog. I'm going to clean up!

    1. Yeah... Well, enjoy all those Chad Cordero, Bret Barberie, and Brent Abernathy cards!

      ... I'd still read it.

      I both totally understand and can't for the life of me figure out why the Florida teams have so little representation in the blogosphere.

    2. I know a few blogs follow the Durham Bulls which I guess is kind of like following the Rays. Other than that it is completely void. Maybe it is just the transient nature of the state of florida. Not many people who live there originated there. Loyalties fall to other teams.

    3. If the Rays could string together a few more winning seasons, a World Series appearance or two, it could go a long way... then again, maybe I'm secretly rooting for them to move to Montreal.
      I'd never wish that on any fans, though, not even the silent majority in Tampa/St. Pete. Minnesota went through that heart ache with the Lakers (before my time) and the North Stars . . . that was really rough. The self proclaimed "State of Hockey" with no NHL team? Ouch.
      The Twins threatened to move away a few times, and the Vikings too before the new stadium was built.