Tuesday, June 16, 2015

À la Carte

I promise I won't use lame titles like "Croissant" or "Fromage" because they are the only French words I know... À la Carte works, however, because Kevin from The Card Papoy always provides great cards that I could have ordered right off the menu. The.. uh, menu of baseball cards being the internet, I guess...

Right. Anyway, check out this awesome stuff!
Right away we have some of my favorite Twins of all time - relics from Hall of Famer and new manager Paul Molitor, former MVP and awesome dude Justin Morneau, as well as the lefty Francisco Liriano.

Bieber is a little over prepared to be an umpire, but he means well...

Sweet black parallel of Twins pitcher Phil Hughes, who last year set a ML record for lowest walk to strikeout ratio.

One of my favorite Twins of all time, Shannon Stewart. Great swatch! C'est de la Bombe! (That's how we spoke in 2005, y'all)

The hits keep on coming! You can see the edge of a pinstripe there. Thome is my homey.

There was more, Kevin is quite the trader! Lots of fantastic stuff, it's always great to trade across the Atlantic. Thanks again, Kevin! Merci!


  1. "C'est de la Bombe! (That's how we spoke in 2005, y'all)"
    Oh, that's good stuff!

  2. I am very jealous of that post title you found, it's absolutely perfect. Or PARFAIT, as we say here ! (my handwriting is really terrible)

    1. I think it's about 10,000 times better than my handwriting - I do cringe a bit when I see my scrawled notes out there from time to time...