Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

So, if you saw the blog post I made about cards I found in Cooperstown, you may have seen the last card I posted was the oldest card in my collection - a 1919 Cactus Cravath strip card:

Well, it turns out that Mr. Cravath was quite the character- he lead the National League in Home Runs 6 times in the 1910's.... in 1915 he hit 24 Homers. 24! That's just crazy for 1915.

Gavvy Cravath also has a connection  to my hometown. It turns out he played three seasons for the Minneapolis Millers, including a ridiculous season in 1911. He batted .363 with 29 homers, 53(!) Doubles and a total of 221 hits.

"I steal bases with my bat" -- Gavvy Cravath

T206! Minneapolis Miller Gavvy Cravath.

There's a new oldest card in town- and it's a beaut!
I guess I'm a Cravath super collector now...


  1. Great pickup! That's such a cool card.

  2. Gavvy Cravath is one of those names from baseball lore that has always stuck in my brain. Great cards!

  3. Love both cards, nice acquisitions!

  4. Welcome to the T206 club. Now I don't have to send you a T206 ;).

    1. Thanks! I mean, if you just happen to have another Minneapolis T206 lying around, taking up space.... I'd be happy to help you out. : )