Monday, June 1, 2015

Just One Pack: 2015 Panini Diamond Kings

Just one pack - picked this up at a card shop while I was on the road trip and opened it once I got home.

Some all time Diamond Kings

Jose Altuve is cool - The Astros are on fire right now (just like the picture on the cards)

Three rookies! (The Foltynewicz card is the variation version)

Hey, I got an extra card in the pack!

Nothing out of the ordinary here- I'm not sure if I will be getting any more packs of this set.


  1. I'm always surprised how many modern releases the Waner brothers are part of. Nice stuff!

    1. Big Poison fact of the day:
      Waner was nearsighted, a fact that Pirate management only learned late in his career when he remarked that he had difficulty reading the ads posted on the outfield walls. Fitting him with glasses, however, only interfered with his hitting, as Waner now had to contend with a small spinning projectile rather than the fuzzy grapefruit-sized object he had been hitting before.

    2. That is awesome! How great of a nickname is Big Poison?

    3. A bit better than "Little Poison" - the story about the Waner nickname(s) is a little odd, it's one of those choose to believe it or not deals.