Sunday, June 14, 2015

Guess Who's Back?!?

In my opinion, he never should have been sent down in the first place, but I took full advantage of the lower prices on my favorite Minnesota Twin while he was in the minors.

I got a fever, and the only cure is more Vargas!

I still haven't found a copy of the 2015 Topps Series 1 Clear parallel, but I did find a deal on this one:

I started just doing eBay searches for cards numbered to 10, and wouldn't you know it I was able to find another Kennys Vargas...

Hey, how about that! I don't even mind the clear tape on the toploader! I'm still looking for that Series One Vargas /10, but these are nice consolation prizes. Best of all, Kennys is back from AAA exile as the Twins' DH - hopefully he can re-start the punchless offense.

Oh, yeah, and that Buxton kid is starting in CF for the Twins today, too.


  1. From the subject, I thought Slim Shady.

    1. Very Good - I could also have given this the title - Don't Call it a Comeback

      If I was feeling a bit more ... vintage.