Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Card Show Part Three: the Side Deal

Right around the time I started up the blog, I picked up a couple packs of 1995 Topps Stadium Club.

The vendor tried to sell me the whole box of packs, and offered a really good price - but I passed on the deal.

Fast forward a couple months and I was ready to break up some boxes and do a group trade. I went back to the vendor and asked about the box, hoping to add it in to the break.

Well, of course he didn't bring the box to that show, since no one bought it after bringing it to several shows.

I asked him if he had anything else like it, and he said had a bunch of things and would bring them to the next show.

I ended up missing the next show, didn't see his table the following month... and then I took my road trip after that. I pretty much forgot about the boxes, even though I bought things from the vendor at each show I went to along the way.

The vendor is a Peyton Manning super collector, so I had been picking up a few here and there and set the stack aside.

At the Show on Saturday, I ran into the guy again. He didn't have a table set up,  but he did have some things set aside for me. Amazingly, I had decided to toss the Manning cards into my bag before I left for the show.

Here's the box he saved for me:
Two boxes of 1995 Topps Stadium Club foil packs
one box of 1995 TSC rack packs

one box of 1998 Topps
one box of 1998 UD collector's choice
one box of 1996 Flair

He also included a small stack of Donruss Diamond Kings from the 2000s:

I asked him how much he wanted for the box and I jumped at his offer - always nice when you can find a number that works for both parties!

I'm going to have a blast breaking open these packs -- I might do a slightly modified group trade... if we've traded before and there's a similar gap in your collection, let me know what cards / teams you might be looking for. I'm sure I will have doubles in the 95 stadium Club, and who knows what will happen with the 98 Topps...


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    1. Maybe interesting to you ... The 1998 UD Collector's choice box has Griffey on the front - when all is said and done, do you want the box? I'll have a separate post up eventually showing packs from each of these boxes... so you should get a better idea of what the box looks like then.

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    1. yeah! I'm sure I will have lots to trade and lots to add to my collection. This will be a blast to go through.

  3. I'm very jealous ! I'm always looking for some SC on Dave & Adams, but they only seem to have 92 & 93 (and 94, but I got a hold of those already)

    1. I'm sure that I will be sending singles from these packs your way-- I've seen boxes on eBay, not sure how friendly the international shipping + customs fees would be on those boxes, but pre-shipping they were $10-$15 per box.

    2. yeah, I could find some boxes off ebay, but you have to add about $20 in S&H. It's not that much per se, $30 for a box of cards, but it's always a pain to pay 3 times the actual cost. With D&A, it comes out to about $10 more per box I order, and I can live with that

    3. oof - that sucks. Well, maybe I will save a pack or two for you then so you can bust some open.

  4. All those look like fun breaks, but I'd be especially excited over the '98 Collector's Choice. Great set that you don't see too often these days.

    1. I'm looking forward to that one in particular - I'd have to go back and check but I don't think I have many cards from that set (I definitely didn't buy any when it came out the first time).

  5. Such a great selection of boxes to choose from. To be fair, I rarely look at those types of thing when I'm at my local show...I need to start doing that to replenish and revitalize my trade stacks!

    1. The only drawback to getting a big collection of wax like this is that it was really heavy. I don't look for it at shows very often for that reason. but hey, think of the savings vs buying online and having someone ship it out to me! Even if they call it "free shipping" I get the sense I'm paying a little extra up front to cover those costs buying online.