Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just One Pack: 1996 Flair

This box is super fancy in my head. These were the kind of packs at my local card shop as a kid that were on the top shelf...

I lucked out this past weekend and got a great deal on a big lot of unopened packs.

Inside each pack (it's more like a mini box) is a cello pack with 7 cards and a scratch off game card. Rangers' Daryl Hamilton on the top of the pack.

From the back of each mini-box / "pack" :
1996 Flair Baseball Set Composition

400 card basic set
395 Player Cards
5 Checklists

3 Highly Collectible Insert Series:
20 Wave of the Future
10 Powerline
12 Diamond Cuts

Well.... Let's hope for some of those!

Looks like all base cards in pack number one. This is how my luck was back in the day - I'd save up to buy a high-end pack and end up with a dud. The cards look pretty cool, though. Very 90's, decked out with foil.

Mike Matheny with the Brewers, his first team - same for Brosius with his Athletics gear on. I've got high hopes for the other 35 packs, hopefully there will be some awesome things to come!


  1. That is a fancy looking box, don't think I ever got to open one of those back in the day.

    You have amazing self control, i'd have ripped all 36 by now.

    1. I wonder if I could use the boxes to ship cards (like, put the box or a few boxes inside a bubble mailer)... the number of cards I've acquired since starting the blog has completely exploded my collection, so it's easy for me to be patient, there's nowhere to put the cards once I open them. I actually put these 7 pack in the cello wrap and then back in the little box while I figure out what to do with them!

    2. you can use the the mini box to inside the bubble mailer. you should have half of the set when you've opened all 36. I loved flair back in the day and still do.

  2. I loved these back in the day, though I only got to open one or two packs. Good luck on the rest of those!

    1. Thanks! I will keep an eye out for Yankees. There are a couple I might want for myself, but I think ultimately a lot of the cards I get from this box will be trade bait. Any interest in Brosius, even though he's wearing green and gold instead of pinstripes?

  3. That box is beautiful. And I am Jelly.