Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Juan Gonzalez: Kind of a Big Deal (Just One Pack edition)

Of all the boxes I purchased a couple weeks ago, this one was the most intriguing. It was the only one that still had the factory seal on it, which means it still has that super cool bonus inside . . .
Boom! That's pretty cool. Juan Gone was probably my favorite non-Twin in the 90s, finding this inside was probably the best case scenario.

Here's what I found in a single pack of 1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice:
 Throwback uniforms, major league debut dates, this set has a really clean look and is full of fun surprises
Two inserts -- "Masked Marauders" features catchers, "Cover Glory" is a season highlights subset that leads off the set.

 League Leaders - great design!
 Some more base cards . . .
 Everybody's having a great time playing baseball.
 Hey - Canseco played with the A's again? Cool.
Several packs should have these stickers in them.... looking forward to busting the rest of the box!


  1. I love that Orie. The awesome 1907ish throwback, the excellently framed photo, the swing for the fences cut, and the design of the card works nicely... too bad Orientation wasn't as good as this card.

  2. That Orie card, in fact, comes from a Crosstown Classic against the White Sox. You can see the Sox throwbacks to their 1917 World Series unis in the dugout.


  3. That Canseco card (for a Canseco card) rocks.

  4. This is an awesome set, one of my favorites from the brief history of Collector's Choice. That Ausmus Masked Marauders is especially fantastic.

    1. The only drawback, which came up in later packs, is that there were lots of doubles. I mean, LOTS. Like, within a single pack I found the same 4 cards twice in the same pack... Other than that, it was probably my favorite box of all the ones I've opened recently.