Thursday, December 31, 2015

7 Arbitrary Favorites of 2015

These are -of course- not in any order or ranking. I leave that to you to decide.
 Topps Archives has been a great source for those deep cut fan favorites in recent years. Can't beat Teke.

 The first card in the first pack of 2015 Topps Stadium Club was this masterpiece.

I read recently that Kennys was drawing the attention of teams in Korea. I think Vargas has such great potential, I hope the Twins keep him around for at least another season and give him the opportunity to prove how much he can do.


 Just a gorgeous shot of Target Field in Minneapolis - it's my list, ok? It's gonna have a lot of Twins.

I get a kick out of this pose every time I see this card. Is LaTroy talking to the baseball, or listening to it?

They can't all be Topps! I will say that 99.99% of my non Topps Cards from 2015 feature Kennys Vargas, so this is what I have to share. Diamond Kings had some really nice cards this year, but it was an uphill climb to win over collectors with no MLB License.

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  1. That Springer card is gorgeous. I've been jealous of y'alls park since it opened. Can't wait for SunTrust Park next year.