Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Little Extra Grande

Ok, OK - I got a scanner. I couldn't handle the shame... I broke!

 Speaking of Breaks... Nachos Grande hosted a great break of 2015 Product, and included some awesome extras.
 Here's some from Topps Uvula... I mean, Topps Update. Plus a bonus BOOF.
 That might be the first Pacific Aurora card. Jack Morris in his hometown duds, always a welcome sight!
 Here were some of the highlights from the main part of the break - Kennys Vargas was a fantastic pull for me, as he's a main PC guy of mine.
 Pitchers at the plate, fantastic! Ron Coomer crashed the party on Molitor's card.
A Denard rookie,  and some more great 90's "junk." Skybox Thunder is a real thing!

Thanks for all the extras, Chris! And of course congratulations on another successful break!


  1. Any post with Boof Bonser in it is a great post.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, I am pretty pleased with the results, and editing the scans is faster than editing photos.

  3. I had to buy a scanner when I started blogging more too. You almost have to have because of trade posts.

    1. The first post was not a time saver, just because I had to set the scanner up and get it to talk to my computer... That was a minor ordeal. But I will be saving time and getting better images from now on, which is pretty sweet.